For this competition we call for solutions within any of the three topics food, consumption and energy. Learn more about each topic below.

Sustainable consumption

The western society today is built on a material economy today which is linear, with a system of things being produced, consumed and then disposed. There is an acute need for a fundamental transition to a circular economy that doesn’t stop at just recycling our plastic bottles. With this transition come great business opportunities with huge potential for innovation, job creation and economic growth. So how can businesses create a sustainable ecosystem of products where nothing is wasted?

Plant-based food and reduce food waste

Animal agriculture is responsible for about 14,5% of the global greenhouse emissions, with a majority of these emissions coming from beef and dairy cattle. People are willing to swap their meat and dairy to plant based alternatives, but these alternatives have to be accessible and keep the same taste quality as animal products. So how could we with innovation and new green products make the veganism trend go mainstream?

Energy efficiency and renewable energy

The burning of fossil fuels is by far the biggest contributor to climate changes, causing 57% of the global emissions. Solar and wind are however on the rise and are now either the same price or cheaper than new fossil fuel capacity in more than 30 countries. But investors and energy firms are still failing to put money into such green solutions. So how could entrepreneurs seize the opportunities in renewable energy?

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