Ekaterina Larsson joins as coach

During the competition there will be several coaches available, all pros in the field of sustainability and entrepreneurship. One of them is Ekaterina Larsson: Ekaterina is a Communications specialist in the areas of Human Rights, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. Her many years of experience range from UNHCR and Impact Hub Stockholm, to her current position as Communications Manager for Sweden Textile Water Initiative (STWI). STWI is a network involving Swedish brands, SIDA and Stockholm International Water Institute, helping brands and factories to save water in the textile production process. Ekaterina is passionate about start-ups as well, especially the ones helping to solve some of the pressing world problems. She hopes to help the competition’s participant with her knowledge and encouragement. Very excited to have you with us, Ekaterina!

Posted 2017-11-27 by Hedvig

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